The launch vehicle for the QB50 Mission has been confirmed as of the 27th of January 2014! The Ex-Alta 1 satellite will launch from a Cyclone 4 rocket (the first launch of the upper stage of this rocket) with 49 other satellites! Alcantara Cyclone Space, a Ukranian space compnay, has a 60 year legacy in designing launch vehicles and providing launch services. To date cyclone space has a launch reliability of 97%. You can find out more about Cyclone Space and the Cyclone 4 here:

Cyclone 4 Launch Vehicle

Supporting the Canadian Space Industry

Do you think Canada should play more of a role in the global space sector? Our industry is lagging behind the rest of the world, despite the many companies, universities, and research initiatives focused on space here in Canada. Check out this petition to the government of Canada to redevelop a modern space strategy in our country: