The Mission

AlbertaSat is a group of students and faculty at the University of Alberta that have come together to design, build, test, and operate satellites. Our goal is to support Albertan and Canadian access to space through high-impact small-satellite missions.

We achieve this through ambitious spacecraft mission execution, development of open-source CubeSat components, and our award-winning outreach program.

Beyond students working with spacecraft, we’re also a network of passionate individuals working in space science and technology, representing Alberta’s aerospace talent on the global stage.

Ex-Alta 3

AlbertaSat’s current spacecraft development mission began in June 2023 with an anticipated launch date in 2025. It’s mission will be to monitor the impact of climate change on Canadian ice and snow coverage, and furthering Ex-Alta 2’s objective of imaging the devastating impacts of wildfires

Ex-Alta 2

From 2017-2023, AlbertaSat worked on Ex-Alta 2, the second project we put into space. It launched on March 14, 2023, aboard SpaceX CRS-27. In addition to being part of the¬†Northern SPIRIT¬†mission, Ex-Alta 2’s multispectral imaging payload is designed to help us understand the increasingly far-reaching effects of wildfires on our lives.

Ex-Alta 1

Our first satellite, and the first ever made in our province. For 18 months, Ex-Alta 1 circled the globe, transmitting beacons to amateur radio operators around the world and collecting data for studying space weather.

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