Meet Miguel, a third-year HR student at AlbertaSat. Holding the role of Internal Coordinator, Miguel ensures smooth integration for newcomers and handles administrative tasks. With a lifelong fascination for space exploration, Miguel’s decision to join AlbertaSat in 2022 stemmed from his passion for satellite technology.

For Miguel, the satellite development process goes beyond technical aspects—it’s about fostering teamwork and staying organized. He takes pride in witnessing AlbertaSat’s growth and actively contributes to building a cohesive team.


Offering advice to incoming university students, Miguel encourages aiming high and embracing opportunities for growth. For those interested in joining AlbertaSat, he emphasizes the importance of being proactive, collaborative, and reliable.

Though Miguel faced initial challenges, like adapting to technical jargon and the team’s operational style, he tackled them with perseverance. Dedicated to promoting inclusivity within AlbertaSat, Miguel advocates for initiatives such as recognizing land treaties to create a more welcoming environment. He urges newcomers to explore different aspects of the organization and connect with fellow members.

Through his AlbertaSat journey, Miguel has gained a deep appreciation for the complexities of STEM projects and the value of teamwork. His story highlights that regardless of background, there’s a place for everyone in organizations like AlbertaSat, where collaboration and camaraderie drive success