AlbertaSat’s Educational Outreach Program

Our Educational Outreach program offers classes in grades K-8 scientific and multidisciplinary sessions related to the Alberta Curriculum. Our sessions our completely free and run by trained members of AlbertaSat.

Our Session Topics:

  • Northern Lights: Children will explore light patterns, refraction, and the Northern Lights. They will be taught how the Northern Lights work and see what happens to light when it is shone through crystals. Children will then paint/draw (with crayons/watercolour pencils or paint, depending on their age) a picture of what they think the Northern Lights would look like if created by/based off of those crystals. Children will be able to take their artwork home. These sessions are most appropriate for students in grade K-3, but can be adapted to include grade 4.
  • Solar Energy: Children will learn about electricity, circuity, and solar energy as they make their own mini circuit. They will be taught how to create a simple circuit; first with solar panels, resistors, and LEDS, and will then add capacitors. These sessions can be a bit more challenging for younger grades, and are most appropriate for grade 5-8.
  • The Structure of a CubeSat: Children will learn about AlbertaSat and our project, as well as CubeSats in general. Children will go through a CubeSat design brainstorming procedure by creating their own CubeSat blueprint. Children will be able to take their blueprint home, and if desired CAD models will be created and email to them after the session.These sessions are highly adaptable and appropriate for all elementary students. They are most popular at the 3-6 Level.

We are currently working sessions for High Schools and for Junior High Schools as we work to expand our program. If you are interested in having us come to your school, please contact us at [email protected] or contact our Educational Outreach lead directly at [email protected].

Members of AlbertaSat at K-Days in July 2014
Members of AlbertaSat at K-Days in July 2014
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