Ex-Alta 3

The Experimental Albertan #3 Satellite

The Experimental Albertan #3 (Ex-Alta 3) is part of the CubeSats Initiative in Canada for STEM (CUBICS). CUBICS is an initiative from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) that was designed to provide post-secondary institutions students to engage in space initiatives. Ex-Alta 3 will iterate on the Ex-Alta 2 mission in that the Iris imager will be our primary payload. Ex-Alta 3 is expected to launch into a high inclination sun synchronous orbit in 2025. 

Mission Objectives

  1. Support the training and development of highly qualified personnel by providing students with the opportunity to design, build and operate satellites as well as support the development of open-source designs
  2. Characterize ice, snow, and glacial regions within Canada, using our open-source, student designed imager
  3. Characterize DC and AC magnetic fields at low earth orbit altitudes using a Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer (DFGM)
  4. Allow students to gain experience with amateur radio through satellite communications