Ualberta Alumni Week – Dean’s Reception

Every year, as part of the Alumni Week at the University of Alberta, the Dean of Engineering hosts a reception to reflect on the Faculty’s accomplishments. This event also showcase plans for future development and looks ahead to what the Faculty of Engineering hopes to accomplish in coming years. AlbertaSat was invited to attend this year’s reception by Dean Fraser Forbes  and was asked to give the keynote presentation.  We were honoured and exceptional grateful to be given the opportunity to show past generations how far we’ve come.
The keynote presentation was delivered brilliantly by Chris Robson, our  Mechanical Team Lead and previous Project Manager. Our keynote presentation introduced attendees to the concept of cube satellites and to Experimental Albertan #1 (Ex Alta-1) spacecraft. Chris Robson’s presentation also highlighted the rapidly increasing access to space, and most importantly, it exposed the need for the development of Space Science education and Aerospace Engineering in the University of Alberta and the Faculty of Engineering’s future.  Following the presentation, guests visited the AlbertaSat display table to ask questions and see the models of the satellite and various components.  Other components included the 6 meter long ground station antenna, the TestPod being used for vibration testing, the ISISpace 3 Unit Cube Satellite structure, and the Athena On Board computer system.
A video of Chris Robson’s keynote presentation can be found here.

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