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Being thrust into university is a challenge in itself, but when one enters the faculty of Engineering and stands face to face with its demanding reputation, it is simply daunting. The truth is, it is challenging most of the time as you don’t have teachers guiding you through everything and a lot of the content is difficult to process. First year engineering is living up to it’s demanding reputation thus far. It is our fourth week in and the struggles have already begun (most of them due to Engg 130 labs and induction questions). What do you truly want to do with your life? Are you fit to be here? How on Earth are you supposed to discover your passion? Well such questions are seldom unheard and have certainly crossed our minds. Yet, when one is presented with the many clubs and projects the university has to offer, something amazing can happen.

In the first few of our Engg 100 lectures, we were told about the various clubs and projects we could partake in. We watched as the faces around us lit up when a club sparked interest. When we found out the University had a satellite group, well, we were simply stunned. With our mouths gaping we asked each other: Wow, that really exists? Space is something that both of us are fascinated by and to actually be a part of a project that ends up thrust into the cosmos themselves, is every space geek’s dream. The chance to take part in such a project that could someday change the world and spread the necessity of space travel and study? Impossible to pass up.

So you ask, with AlbertaSat sending their very own legitimate CubeSatellite into space, how could first years like us ever participate? We suppose you have got one thing right; we lack experience in virtually every engineering field. Yet, AlbertaSat has a spot for everyone and next year our knowledge will have passed new bounds. It is with great enthusiasm that we hope AlbertaSat will open up possibilities for us to network with people who share common interests and passions. We also believe that the knowledge we will gain of the various fields involved in the project will enable us to make our own decisions regarding the field we wish to pursue. As we enter the experience that is Alberta Sat, we have already discovered the supportive attitude of like-minded peers. We expect that assistance will inevitably be lended when we require, as people from various points in their degrees come together. Afterall many people, regardless of the faculty they originate from, have “been there, done that” and essentially “suffered the same pain.” In the end, we’re all in the same boat, and joining a club will make the trip easier.

– Kallie & Payal


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  1. Rafai Aziz

    To be entirely honest, grasping the concept that somehow, someway, my contribution to this club could literally end up in space, I can confidently say the sky is not the limit.

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