By Collin Cupido, Charles Nokes, Tyler Hrynyk, and Dustin Nault

01:24 am, Mountain time,May 28, 2017.  AlbertaSat ground control established the first-ever two-way communication with Alberta’s first satellite, Ex-Alta 1, passing 411 km overhead, travelling at 7.7 km/s.  A handshake of monumental proportions, coinciding with a beautiful display of aurora overhead.  How fitting that our first contact coincided with the very phenomenon our satellite is seeking to observe and explain.

(Photo credit: Tyler Hrynyk)  Collin Cupido gazes in amazement as a ping request to Ex-Alta 1 results in the first reply!

(Photo credit: Tyler Hrynyk) Charles Nokes leans in to see the wonderful result!

(Photo credit: Dustin Nault) What a wonderful night, the AlbertaSat ground station antenna is framed in spectacular, vibrant aurora!

(Photo credit: Collin Cupido) The Donadeo Innovation Center for Engineering (DICE) and National Institute of NanoTechnology (NINT) framed in powerful aurora!


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