Ethan Ledig, a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Alberta in 2022, now balances a full-time job with his ongoing commitment to AlbertaSat. He initially joined AlbertaSat in 2019 during his second year, drawn to its hands-on opportunities in aerospace despite majoring in mechanical engineering. Over the years, he transitioned from the mechanical team to systems, eventually taking on an advisory role after his graduation. Ethan values AlbertaSat not only for its technical challenges but also for the friendships and professional skills it fosters, crucial for his ongoing career in aerospace.


Reflecting on his journey, Ethan cherishes moments like overseeing Ex-Alta 2’s Critical Design Review and witnessing its launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. These experiences have reinforced his passion for space and the practical skills gained through AlbertaSat. He encourages new members to embrace every opportunity, echoing his own growth from hesitant beginnings to a pivotal advisory role within the organization.

Looking ahead, Ethan remains dedicated to aerospace, balancing his full-time role with ongoing involvement in AlbertaSat’s latest projects. He underscores the organization’s role in making space accessible to future engineers and its contribution to aerospace education beyond the classroom. For Ethan, AlbertaSat continues to be a beacon of hands-on learning and professional development, shaping both his career trajectory and his profound passion for space exploration.