Tyler Stocking is a 5th year mechanical co-op student at the University of Alberta and the mechanical lead for AlbertaSat. His role for AlbertaSat as the mechanical lead consists of mechanical design, program and budget aspects, and emphasizing the collaboration among the diverse teams involved. He is currently planning for his upcoming capstone project aiming to prototype a hybrid motor!

Tyler’s journey with AlbertaSat began three years ago, in January 2021. With an initial interest in astrophysics, he found a passion in engineering. After looking at astrophysics related engineering clubs, he found particular interest in the collaborative world of satellite development. For Tyler, the essence of building a satellite lies in the interconnectedness of its components, requiring an understanding of all components and how they affect one another to create the final product. He encourages new members to break away from predefined roles, urging them to explore and find their niche within engineering. Furthermore, he advised new members to find the work that is required to be completed themselves and use the available resources as help instead of waiting to be assigned work. 

Reflecting on his best memory, Tyler recalls the awe-inspiring launch of Ex-Alta 2 into space and thinking “my job has been done… and it was done well”. The satisfaction of seeing his creation leave the deployer in one piece marked a significant accomplishment. Beyond the technical aspects, Tyler values the camaraderie within AlbertaSat, from weekly cake days to memorable rock climbing sessions during breaks with AlbertaSat hirees.

Outside the club, Tyler is a busy individual, engaging in the U of A Starr Club, international clubs, and pursuing interests in fitness, rock climbing, and even cheerleading for the Edmonton Elks. 

As Tyler envisions a future in aerospace engineering, with plans for grad school applications and specialization in novel liquid rocket propulsion development, his role shows the importance of initiative, collaboration, and passion in the exploration of space