By Joshua Lazaruk

Aimee Roy is a 3rd year Education student at the U of A. She joined AlbertaSat in October 2017 after wanting to become more involved on campus and being friends with the previous education outreach lead. Since then she has had an active role as education outreach lead, managing and developing programs tailored for students from grades 1-12. Outside of AlbertaSat she is an avid rock climber, having picked up the sport in university after having played soccer competitively when she was younger.

Shortly after joining AlbertaSat she helped to expand our educational outreach to junior highs and high schools, having also created a program booklet available for teachers to pick programs they find most suitable for their classes. After getting her degree, Aimee plans to teach upper elementary school students abroad and possibly go back to school for occupational therapy. Her favorite part of AlbertaSat is how everyone comes from such different backgrounds, and that someone such as herself who doesn’t know much about engineering and technical details can fit in to the group and help work towards a common goal. Aimee’s favourite part about her position as Ed Outreach lead is working with kids and introducing them to the concepts involved in satellites.

If given the choice between launching 1000 1U cubesats or 1 1000U cubesat, Aimee was conflicted as 1000 smaller satellites would get more accomplished, but she decided on 1 1000U cubesat based on the sheer size and how cool it would be. For Ex-Alta 2, Aimee is very excited to expand our school programs to include more information relevant to forestry and forest fires, and working with people in forestry to create something very relatable to kids and teenagers interested in space and relate space to what happens on earth’s surface. Although it’s launch was before she joined, her favourite part of Ex-Alta 1 is the ability to see visual data of the satellite’s orbit and show it to kids as a tangible image of the satellite’s movement.