SpiderSat Sponsorship Opportunities

What are you supporting?

Improved Access to Space

The flight campaign in Ottawa, Ontario will let our team meet industry professionals from the National Research Council and the Canadian Space Agency along with fellow students who are as invested in the space industry Our team wants to share this amazing opportunity and our research! We hope to represent our team and your company a the 2024 Canadian Space Conference and the 2023 International Astronautical Congress

Educational Outreach

Support our educational outreach program in K-12 schools to teach classroom sessions and inspire younger students interested in STEM With our participation in outreach events such as WISEST Choices conference, SciFUN Week and more; we want to offer more than our amazing lessons and activities. At each outreach event we hope to give out your stickers and ours as a way to get people talking about the space industry and the amazing opportunities you are supporting

Material and Operational Costs

Aid in purchase costs of material for the experiment such as a Raspberry Pi 3B, LED's, cameras, flights, meetings, and more!

Sponsorship Tiers





Instagram Shoutout/Post

Logo on SpiderSat page of albertasat.ca

LinkedIn post on AlbertaSat’s LinkedIn account

Poster and personalized thank you card

Logo on Pelican case used throughout the entire duration of the project (photos will consistently be posted on our instagram @spidersat_canrgx)

If you would like to support us in any other way, SpiderSat is grateful for any contribution made!

For additional sponsorship requests, please reach out to at [email protected] and our best efforts will be made to fulfill them!