“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon alone – he had a dedicated team to manage every aspect of the mission to the moon.  AlbertaSat is no different, so here is our stellar line-up.

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Callie Lissinna

Project Manager

Katelyn Ball

Deputy Project Manager

Taryn Haluza-DeLay

Lead Systems Engineer

Tyler Hrynyk

Advisor and Former Ex-Alta 2 Project Manager

Corbin Cooper

Ex-Alta 2 External Advisor

Stefan Damkjar

Systems Engineer and Embedded Systems Lead

Erik Halliwell

Power Lead, Party Planning Co-Lead

Logan Fairgrieve-Park

ADCS and Science Lead

Casia McLeod

Ex-Alta 2 Mechanical Team Lead

Charles Nokes

Advisor and Ex-Alta 1 Project Manager

Collin Cupido

Ex-Alta 1 Systems Engineer

Christopher Robson

Ex-Alta 1 Mechanical Lead

Abigail Hoover

ConOps Lead

Brendan Gluth

Software Member