Thank you for your interest in the Alberta Satellite Project!

AlbertaSat has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Alberta’s first satellite, the Experimental Albertan #1 Satellite (A.K.A. Ex-Alta 1). Come join us on this awesome adventure and put Alberta’s first spacecraft into orbit. Also, the opportunity to send your name to space is now over – a name is engraved on a specially made chip in micro letters (courtesy of the University of Alberta’s Nanofab facility) and sent up on the satellite when it launches!

Check out how we did in our last spring’s crowdfunding campaign and to the “Giving Day Challenge” that happened in Dec 2nd for 24 hours. It’s not too late to donate!

You can make a donation by going to our new online donation form here.

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Supporting the Canadian Space Industry

Do you think Canada should play more of a role in the global space sector? Our industry is lagging behind the rest of the world, despite the many companies, universities, and research initiatives focused on space here in Canada. Check out this petition to the government of Canada to redevelop a modern space strategy in our country: