“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon alone – he had a dedicated team to manage every aspect of the mission to the moon. ¬†AlbertaSat is no different, so here is our stellar line-up.

Interested in joining AlbertaSat? Please fill out this form on ISSET-S’ Bearsden and send it in. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

We will use this information to assign you to a section of AlbertaSat (ex. Power, Public Relations) based on your skills. It is possible to change sections at anytime.

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Tyler Hrynyk

Ex-Alta 2 Project Manager

Corbin Cooper

Ex-Alta 2 Deputy Project Manager

John Grey

Ex-Alta 2 Systems Engineer

Darian Van Paridon

Ex-Alta 2 Systems Engineer

Ruth Ferrari

Admin Lead

Taylor Robertson

Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) Lead

Ashley Hansen

Public Relations Lead

Kallie Heniuk

Public Relations Lead

Payal Naidu

Public Relations Lead + Mech E Team Member

Albert Martino

Power Team Co-lead

Dallas Haugen

Power Team Co-Lead

Callie Lissinna

Ex-Alta 2 Mechanical Lead

Stefan Damkjar

Hardware & Embedded Systems Lead

Nathan Klapstein

Systems Engineer

Bryce Nelson

Public Relations/Mechanical Team Member

Casia McLeod

Ex-Alta 2 Mechanical Team Lead

Logan Fairgrieve-Park

Public Relations Team Member

Katelyn Ball

Mechanical Team Member

Taryn Haluza-DeLay

Systems Engineering Member

Zack Cooper-Black

Embedded Systems Member

Michael Breitkreutz

Communication System Lead

Charles Nokes

Ex-Alta 1 Project Manager

Collin Cupido

Ex-Alta 1 Systems Engineer

Christopher Robson

Ex-Alta 1 Mechanical Lead

Brendan Bruner

A Duck

Kristen Cote

Mechanical Team Member

Clayton Coutu

Communications Team Member

Mario Ivanov

Communications Team Member

Raghav Selvakumar

ADCS Team Member

Heather Williams

Mechanical Team Member

Jessica Luc

HR Team Member